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This is my mother, Amy Winifred Middleton,nee Bartlam. she had three sisters, Rose, Alice, and Dolly. Two brothers William and Arch. Arch was killed when he was only young in a road accident Rose never married,Alice married Alf Branston Had one son Michael who died young of peritonitis. after losing two baby girls still born! she had another son Anthony. Dolly married Laurence Wilkins, had two children Robert and Carol,Carol married Robert Starks Had two children,Martyn and Michaela, Travelled to Australia to live when the children were small. Robert married Marilyn they had two sons. William Bartlam married Ivy Harpin, they had two daughters Barbara and Joan Barbara married Frank Watts, they had two sons Richard being one do not know the other ones name. Joan married but do not know any particulars. My mother Amy married my father Charles Monteque, known as Mont! she had two children John and myself Sylvia Shirley John married Brenda Branston, they had three children Stuart, Susan and Sandra none of the children are married now Susan was married and devorced had a daughter Emily. Sandra was married to Peter Heppinstall for a while it too ended in divorce, no children. Myself Sylvia Shirley Married Ernest Roger Collins, known as Roger we had three children Susan June,Janette Patrica and James Roger known as James. Susan married Thomas Franklin known as Tom they had three daughters, Catherine Susan,Jennifer Shirley and Christine Esther Catherine married Peter Beckingsale They have one son Andrew Thomas Jennifer married Adam Leishman they have twin daughters,Jade and Jasmin.Christine not married at time of writing. Janette Married Wayne Armstrong, they had three children Sarah Jayne, Emma Kate and Benjamin David, we lost Sarah when she was young,Emma Married Derek Gibb they have one daughter Madeline Sarah.. Benjamin Married Werona They have two children Isaac and Elizabeth And live in America.. James married Jayne Doecke, time of writing they have no children..
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